Whether it rains or shines, Pucón offers an impressive number of activities for you to maximize your time and budget. Without pre planning and some inside knowledge it is easy to lose half a day trying to work out what you fit in during your stay.

This blog will help answer those questions so you don’t waste any time in making the most of your Pucón experience.

First question to answer is what do you really like doing?
A close second is, what can you do in Pucón that you can’t do anywhere else?

If you like hiking the obvious answer is the ascent of the Villarrica volcano. Yes, it’s takes full day; no, it’s not a walk in the park; but yes, it’s definitely worth it! Where else can you drive 30 minutes, take a ski lift up the first part to save your legs, hike over ancient lava flows, enjoy the numerous photo opps overlooking the lakes and the volcanoes sticking out of the spine of the Andes, before you reach the crater and peek inside?

Starting out around 7am and returning about 4, you do need a fairly good level of fitness to reach the top. Though having said that, this ascent is truly about mind over matter! Even if you have eaten a few too many pies, or you are just not sure you can make it, if you believe in yourself and trust your guide, and have good stamina and sticking power, there is no reason why you can’t make it to the top! Check out a related blog entitled «Can I make it to the crater?» here if you need more inspiration. Once you are back down it is guaranteed that that beer will never have tasted so good and you will spend the next few days staring at the crater in the distance in awe that you actually stood up there!

So, one full day down, two left to fill. The half day activities on offer in Pucón are endless: horse ridingcanopywhite water raftingcanyoning, via ferrata, national park hikes, sailing, kayak lessons, buggy rides, hot springs, the list goes on and one! It all comes down to personal choice, but yes, you can combine canopy with horse riding for example, followed by a typical Chilean bbqif you can get a small group together. Or you can do a full day hike in the national park if your legs will allow it after the volcano ascent!

For day three, rafting plus hot springs is a great way to end your stay, and is always a great option to soothe your aching limbs before the next part of your journey! Most travelers get to Pucón and stay longer than they anticipated when they a) see for real how many adventure activities are on offer, and b) realise that the bars and the nightlife in Pucón, especially during the summer, is super fun! If the latter is a temptation for you, do factor in a couple of days to nurse an aching head and take it easy. Don’t try to pack too much in and end up wasting your cash on an activity that you can’t enjoy because you couldn’t say no to that last Pisco Sour or Piscola!

As for accommodation, stay central if you don’t have a vehicle, opt for somewhere with a kitchen so you can make your own packed lunches and snacks, and that will also allow you to splurge on a couple of great restaurant options in town. From Peruvian to seafood, pizza to great steak, you will find something that tempts you to put your feet up, throw back another beer and reminisce on your day.

One last important question we are happy to answer for you! Do you need to book your adventure activities in advance?

If you want to make the most of your stay and guarantee that you can do what you want to do during the dates of your stay, then yes, do book in advance. You could wing it and wander along the main street checking out the offers and packages at the many many tourist agencies, but you will waste precious travel time doing that.

Get in touch with Sol y Nieve Travel Adventure todayand sort out your combo activities in advance. The home pagelists the reasons why you should choose us, and we offer a tailor-made service to personalize your activity choices, so you get to do everything you want to in the time you have. Check out the website here.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it means you get on your feet and get out there. There are so many places on the planet where you can afford to sit back and watch the day go by, but Pucón for the adventurous hearted is simply not one of them!

Happy planning and we look forward to welcoming you in Pucón !

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