Professional kayakers across the world have Pucón on their bucket list! The rivers that surround our city provide some of the most adrenaline fuelled runs and drops on the planet. Ready to get a part of the action?

Ok, agreed! You might not be quite ready to take on the rapids just yet, but if you want to get started with the basics then Sol y Nieve offers the perfect way to get out there and get learning!

Before we get started though, let’s clear up a common question:

What is the difference between kayaking and canoeing?

The main difference is the sitting position. In a canoe the paddler either kneels on the bottom of the boat or perches on a raised seat. In a kayak the paddler sits down into the kayak itself with their legs stretched forwards in an almost straightened position. Another giveaway difference is the number of blades on the paddle itself. A canoe paddle usually just has one blade on one end, while a kayak paddle is bladed at both ends. Also, once you are comfortable with the beginner’s stage, you can attempt to roll a kayak, something that is not really an optimal thing to do in a canoe!

So, with that cleared up, come along and get your piece of the action with Sol y Nieve’s kayak lessons on Lake Villarrica. Just a few blocks from the center of town, you will start off with a safety talk before moving onto the still lake waters to provide you with the necessary skills to control the kayak and navigate your way from A to B. Once you feel safe with that option, you can take it to the next level with a class on the river to put your new skills into practice.

Half day trips start at $ 25.000 Chilean pesos per person, full day at $ 40.000 CLP. With a minimum 2 people and a maximum of 6, and a minimum age of 10, why not get your family or a group of friends together and go learn this new skill in safety, always with the stunning cone of the Villarrica volcano watching over you as you have fun!

We are ready and waiting for you! Do you dare to have a go? Get in touch here today for availability and reservations.

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